Career options in Finance

Finance or Financial Sector can be a lucrative career for people interested in numbers. It also offers a wide range of options for students to choose from. While following are the regular options for students from commerce degree, we will also look at some other not so popular options that one can choose from


Masters of Economics – An Economist is required to study complex economic problems and come up with solutions. Analyzing the economy, predicting trends and setting up Macro and Micro level systems and policies to overcome the problems of the day is what is expected of an Economist. If you enjoy analyzing economic behavior, then you should check this course. After the 2 years masters course in Economics you can be placed in various government sectors and organizations like Budget analyst in various government departments, economic planning and analysis jobs in Defense and Railways and banks like RBI and SBI. Most of the government positions have their entrance exams like Indian Economical and Statistical Service Examination, which need to be cleared by the candidate. Apart from this private sectors and banks hire economic post grads as economic and investment consultants. Students can also get into academic research by joining MPhil or PhD programs.

Master of Statistics – A person with a degree in statistics is expected to analyze and come up with ways to implement complex theories to real life problems. A statistician is expected to collect real life data, analyze the same and come up with possible solution models. After masters in statistics a person can look for jobs in Banking, IT and Quality Control sectors. It is an exhaustive field and various sectors like Automobile, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Aviation, Data Sciences or any industry that deals with the demand and supply of consumer needs will be interested in statistical services.

Stock Brokering – If you have an appetite for taking risks and can work efficiently in stressful situations then this is a career that you can look for. One can work in the field of stocks and Capital Markets after completing graduation. There is an option for learning on the job, however specialization in economics, accounting and capital markets is preferred when it comes to working for higher positions. Apart from this there are certificate courses offered by BSE, NSE and Mumbai Stock Exchange Training Institute which will help a great deal in getting a grasp about the workings of stock markets.

Investment Banking – Investment Bankers are the people who advise their clients on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc. They are the people who connect the clients with Capital to people who are in need of Capital. People with good analytical skills, research oriented and great communication skills can look at this as a lucrative career option. After MBA in finance from good institutes one can opt for working with investment banks. After a considerable amount of experience one can also start their own consulting or financial advisory firm.

These are just a few career options that are available under the large umbrella of Finance and Commerce. If you would like to know about a particular field or know about some field and wish to share the same, do let us know in comments below.


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