Stress – Common Causes and ways to Manage it -2

Rashmi Patwardhan is up with another post about stress- common causes and ways to manage it.

In the last segment I had talked about stress, anxiety and their symptoms. In this segment I will talk about what can cause possible stress and anxiety in students(adolescents) and how it can be managed.


  1. Peer Pressure – Dealing with the peer pressure is probably one of the most difficult part for a growing adolescent. This is the time in their life when their ideals, desires and understanding of their environment start changing. In a way, they are being introduced to the society. Therefore, acceptance among their peers is of crucial importance. This lack of acceptance from the peers can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness. Although peer pressure can always affect a young adult, it can be more frustrating for the teens.
  2. Academic Pressure – It is indeed sad that, in our society today, education is only seen as a means to earn money. Therefore social non conformity is discouraged and many times even looked down upon as useless, impractical and so on. This can seriously hamper and crush one’s dreams and aspirations leading to low self confidence, stress, anxiety and depression.
  3. Discord in the family – Any kind of discord between the family members can have varying degrees of effect on the child. Family is the primary form of support to any individual and if this support, love and care is lacking then the child can develop anxiety disorders or depression
  4. Bullying – Although in India ragging has decreased to a certain extent, bullying comes in so many forms. Contrary to the popular belief it is not necessary that only strangers or your seniors bully you. In a lot of cases it’s the friends who ended up bullying their friend in the name of fun.
  5. Physical Abuse – Beating a child is something which has been accepted and sadly it is considered normal. Hitting a child can have serious affects on the child’s mental and emotional health. Ofcourse depending on the situation and the individual there are definitely many more factors which can cause stress and anxiety. stress-management


Here are some tips to help manage anxiety if there is no way to consult a professional. Please remember that these are generic techniques which generally help in managing stress and anxiety. Therefore I would highly advise to get a consultation if none of these are working or barely working. Do not under any circumstances self diagnose. That will add to the stress and create fear. Following are some tips and techniques.

  1. A balanced lifestyle– This may seem very clichéd but in this world of race against the time, we have put our lifestyle completely off balance. Timely and healthy meals, exercising 5 times a week should help a lot with mild stress/anxiety.
  2. Enough Sleep –Another extremely underrated factor which we overlook is our sleep. For our brain and other organs to function properly, we need to rest our brain. Did you know that a person can die if he/she doesn’t sleep for 11 days? 8 hours of sleep should be sufficient.
  3. Stay Hydrated– the best way to know if you are hydrated or not, is to check the colour of your urine. Transparent, no coloured urine indicates that you are well hydrated.
  4. Meditation– When we think of meditation we think that we should sit and concentrate on a point or we should be able to completely clear our minds. If that is what you are comfortable with then go ahead. Here, any activity which gives you immense pleasure, where you forget the track of time or something which completely relaxes you can be termed as meditation. Therefore make sure you make time for such activities at least 3 times a week.
  5. Mindfulness– Be mindful of the thoughts which are running wild in your head. Be aware of yourself, mind and body alike. E.g. A person you do not like. Why is it that you don’t like this person? Why do they evoke negative responses or emotions in you? What can you do to manage this situation better etc. Once you start probing deeper, you will be in tune with your feelings and emotions.
  6. Surround yourself with positivity– Be around things and people which make you happy and feel good about yourself. Avoid toxic people as much as you can.

I do hope these tips and techniques have helped. Remember the trick is not to do everything at once but to try and inculcate small things which are possible to change and gradually go up the ladder.


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