An inspiration for educational reforms in India

In a fiercely competitive education system in India, have you ever wondered what happens to the dreams of students who are average scoring or worse, failures in our orthodox setting of examinations and educations? Are they adjudged as failures for life and cast aside?

Sonam Wangchuk, from Ladakh, was confronted with similar thoughts. As he looked around, he realized that the cultural and linguistic barriers  were making it even tougher for the children of Ladhak and surrounding areas to assimilate in the traditional educational system. But he didn’t just sit back, he decided to do something about it and thus was born SECMOL (The Student’s Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh)

SECMOL is an alternative educational system that emphasizes on experiential learnings. The children learn in a democratic way-  by electing students government which handles various portfolios and runs the school on their own. The students are responsible for solar powered buildings, food processing, creating school magazines, school radio programs etc.

The concept is similar to the concept of ‘Gurukul’ that was prevalent in India centuries ago. This modern day Gurukul equips the students to handle situations in life, solving real life problems and developing skills that will help them bloom to their full capacity.

Their work has been extremely inspiring and we really wish that such schools could come up all over India. These schools could be incubators of innovators and lateral thinkers, something that we need desperately, to revolutionize India. Do watch the video and be inspired!

Video about Sonam Wangchuksonam_wangchuk





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